Facts About Opiate Addiction and Treatment

by Dr. Andre Waismann

factsaboutopiateaddictionOpiates are a narcotic drug.

They are centuries old and have been traditionally used for pain management. The drugs, as with most other drugs, were originally intended to stay in the medical community. However, their popularity amongst recreational users has increased dramatically since their introduction. Read more

Choosing ANR

Highlighting Better Opiate Addiction Treatment Options

opiate_addiction_treatment_optionsSince opiate addiction surfaced as a worldwide epidemic in the past 10 years, many different types of opiate addiction treatment options have been introduced. For the many who suffer from opiate addiction, the thought of withdraw is a frightening reality. Unfortunately, withdraw symptoms can be so devastating, many afflicted with opiate addiction forgo treatment in fear the withdraw symptoms may be too serious for them to handle. Further more the post withdrawals cravings will bring most patients to relapse. Read more

A New Generation of Opiate Dependency Treatment

by Dr. Andre Waismann

new generation of opiate dependency treatment

Mr. Jones

drugsMr. Jones, we know there is no compassion on your policies but, what about the money?

For many decades, drug addiction remains one of the most resource consuming problems in all countries around the world. It is like a vampire, continuously connected to the blood supply of the country’s economy.

In the beginning it gradually consumes the family resources by damaging the buying power of the family as well as the productive activities of the working members of the family.

After the addict is spelled out of the already broken home, and forced to the streets, crimes will be the way to raise the necessary funds to feed the hunger and kill the pain.

In time, infectious diseases will follow. Read more

Know the Signs of Opiate Addiction

162258015Opiate addiction is on the rise, not only in the United States but across the world, with more than two-thirds of the countries reporting increases.

The most common types of opiates are codeine and morphine, both used to treat moderate to severe pain and typically in combination with other medications. Opioids, or opioid derivatives, are available by prescription and include Oxycodone (Percocet, Oxycontin, or Percodan); Hydromorphone (Palladone and Dilaudid); Hydrocodone (Lorcet, Dolorex, Forten, and Vicodin). Read more


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