Rapid Detox Promises to Cure Opiate Addicts in 36 Hours

Treatment developed by Brazilian doctor removes the body's addiction without withdrawal symptoms


When the doctor and Brazilian native, Andre Waismann, 54, arrived in Israel in 1982, the country was fighting against Lebanon. Drafted by the Army, he noticed that the wounded soldiers, after being treated, became addicted to painkillers. Ten years later, he developed a rapid detox treatment, based on naltrexone, which promises to cure opiate addiction in 36 hours and suppress cravings. Read more

Extreme Rehab: Inside the World’s Most Radical Drug Clinic

Dr Andre Waismann is rewriting the rulebook for rehab, with incredible success. (Nick Harding investigates)

Published in: The Independent, Thursday, 2 October 2008

the_independent_picMiracle man? Dr Andre Waismann argues that opiate addiction is a medical problem and that his fast-track neural treatment works far better than counseling and methadone. Drug agencies disagree

Dr. Waismann explains his vision. “My goal,” he says, “is that any drug addict in the world will one day be able to turn up at their local general hospital and say, ‘good evening, I am hooked on opiates’. They will then lie down on a treatment table and be cured quickly before going home healthy. It will be as simple as taking a trip to the dentist.” Read more


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