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Jewish Telegraph

Dr. Andre Waismann is a world leader in reversing opiate dependency since establishing the world’s first treatment center at the Barzilay hospital, in Ashkelon in the mid-90s; his modern techniques ...

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Hope Beyond Heroin

SUBSTANCE ABUSE unquestionably is a major health concern in the U.S. and the world, with annual treatment costs in the billions of dollars. The social impact in relation to crime, ...

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Miracle Cure for Heroin Baby

A heartbreaking plea on the internet led an international team of doctors, including one from Australia, to rescue a child from hell. When Israeli doctor Andre Waismann turned on his computer ...

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Dr. Waismann, Hero Against Heroin

Waismann is convinced that dependency on narcotics is a disorder of the central nervous system. It just becomes chronic due the lack of an effective, safe and humane medical treatment. ...

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If I was There Now, Those Kids Would be Saved

LAURA ROBERS speaks to an Israeli specialist in treating heroin addiction who wants to tackle youth drug problems is Scotland. An ISRAELI expert in treating heroin addiction claims his radical methods ...

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Dr. Waismann’s Third Encounter

There are two things in the modern world that know no geographical boundaries, namely trade and drug addiction. While official trade is closely linked to politics adopted by a government, ...

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